How did Crumby Art start? Read the NY Latin Post article about how Natalia earned the title "Cake Boss of Milwaukee"

Want to see how Crumby does the convention scene.. check out the third video in this link! Full cosplay, themed goodies, and lots of pizazz of course. Thanks Fox 6!

Watch how Crumby Art managed to thrive from its' humble beginning:

Andrea's famous gourmet cookies are quickly growing in popularity amongst nerd-culture! Check out this recent review about Chicago comic-con and the mention of Crumby Art!

Crumby Art is all about nerd-culture chill mixed with an artistic flair for both the eyes and tastebuds. We invite you to geek out with us! Read all about it in this Freeman Article.

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Check out this fun article about Crumby Art from the Journal Sentinel! 

Check out Crumby Art on Fox 6's Real Milwaukee, prepping to party big for Halloween!