Traditional Fillings:

Orange Dream

German Chocolate Coconut

Lemon Curd

Chocolate Fudge

Apple Cinnamon

Chocolate Chip Buttercream

​Rainbow Sprinkle Buttercream

43-76 servings


Mini Cupcake

This design option is included in the prices listed under the "fondant" cake sizes above. It includes basic design (frosted or fondant covered) with one focused character/theme, border/trim, name & age/message.

Whatever the event, we are here to help you celebrate all things!

All of our cakes consist of 2 layers, each tier measuring approximately 4" tall.

Below you will find visuals of cake sizes & prices.

PARTY CUT: 2"x2" , 4" tall


2 layer 6" Smash

Round Cake Sizes & Prices:

21-38 servings


CATERING CUT: 1"x2", 4" tall

Gluten FREE Flavors:



*6"- 8" $10 charge

*10" $15 charge

8-10 servings



Cake Flavor Options

Smash Muffins are perfect for small celebrations. They are fully frosted on top in any color(s) to match your theme. Topped with a matching edible #1.


Dairy FREE Flavors:

Applesauce Vanilla




*6"- 8" $10 charge

*10" $15 charge

Our 5" smash cakes are triple layered, and the perfect size for your little one to really dig into. Layers are separated with our dairy free vanilla buttercream for gentle tummies.

Frosted in any themed colors requested, lightly designed with edible decor.


Frequently Asked Cake Questions 

How many will my cake feed?.. It all depends on the cut:

* SEE Pricing Below for Custom Design Costs*


This design option is $20 in addition to the prices listed under the cake sizes above. It includes base design (frosted or fondant covered) with multiple focused characters/themes, high detailed border/trim, name & age / message. Along with extensive detail covering side panels of cake, color combos, metallics & edible glitters. 
For frosted cakes, this option is for detailed hand piped designs, bulk flowers, etc.)

This price option also includes carved/sculpted cakes.

Cupcake vs. Smash Muffin


Cake & Cupcake Fillings


Traditional Cake Flavors:



Red Velvet

Carrot Cake


Funfetti Citrus

​Chocolate Chip

Cupcakes & Cookies

*a filling is complimentary in each tier of cake. If no filling is wanted, each layer will be separated by our vanilla buttercream* 

Regular Cupcake

Smash Cakes 

*if same flavor is ordered 

14-28 servings


Specialty Fillings:

White Chocolate Cream Cheese 

Strawberry White Chocolate

Raspberry White Chocolate

Oreos Cookies 'n Cream

Peanut Butter Cup

Lemon White Chocolate

Hazelnut Cream



Maple Bacon Cream

Dulce de Leche / Cajeta

White Chocolate Lavendar

Mint Oreo Cookies 'n Cream

Raspberry Lemonade

Cherry Cola Cream

Coffee Chocolate Cream

Our 6" smash cakes are double layered, and have the opportunity for more detailed design. This size is ideal for photo shoots! Layers are separated with our dairy free vanilla buttercream for gentle tummies.

Designed to fit your theme requests.


Gluten Free Menu


*Special Order cupcakes must be ordered by the dozen. 1 cake flavor per dozen & up to 2 fillings per dozen. 

Regular Menu

3 layer 5" Smash

Smash Muffin

Can't decide between cookies or cake? Want to appease everyone's taste buds? - We would like to present you with our newest creation, the Cookied Cake! 
Choose the size cake you'd like from above, and we will decorate your cake with 12 cookies! Any theme can be accommodated. Price of cookied cakes are original frosted cake price, plus $36.

22-38 servings



This design option is $10 in addition to the prices listed under the cake sizes above. It includes base design (frosted or fondant covered) with up to 1 focused character/theme, with 3d accents, border/trim, name & age/message. Along with additional details on side panels of cake, color combos, edible glitters.

For frosted cakes, this option also cover piping designs (eg: rosettes, ombre, etc.).

Crumby Art Cake Flavors:



Apple Cinnamon

Coffee Chocolate


​Peanut Butter Cake


​Mint Oreo

How to Order:

1. Pick your cake size

2. Pick design option A, B, or C

3. Scroll to the bottom of this page & pick your CAKE flavor & Filling flavor (for each tier)

4. If you require Dairy Free or Gluten Free, please reference those options 

5. Send us a message with the details via our "CONTACT" page or call us!

​6. For Smash Cake, Cupcakes & Decorated Cookie options, scroll down

*Frequently asked questions on the bottom of this page*
*OUR CAKE CALENDAR CURRENTLY BOOKS 2-3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE* It's never too early to get into our calendar.

Fruit Fillings:

Fresh Fruit *seasonal Only*

Jammed Strawberry

Jammed Raspberry

Jammed Pineapple

​Jammed Cherry

29-48 servings


How do I place an order?

Follow the directions at the top of this page. Know what size, design option, and flavors you'd like; then either give us a call with the info OR email it to us via our "CONTACT" page on this website.

How do I confirm my order is in your calendar?

You are locked into our calendar once a deposit has been paid. If you contact us via phone or in store, you have the option to pay the deposit immediately. If you contact us via email, your order is not finalized until return contact has been made and a deposit has been paid.

Is a deposit needed?

Yes! Non-refundable eposits are 30% of order total. If we have discussed your order details, we do have notes recorded but the spot in our calendar is still up for grabs until a deposit is paid. Your deposit is a confirmed slot in our calendar. Remaining balances are due at time of cake pick-up.

Can I pay my deposit or balance over the phone?

Yes! We accept any major credit card (except American Express) over the phone. However, please note that there is a $3 surcharge for any over the phone charges.

How soon should I place an order?

It is Never too early to get into our calendar! We are a small batch, scratch kitchen - that limits the amount of orders we can take in per week. Our calendar typically books up 2-3 weeks in advance. Certain dates are highly sought after (typically wedding season May-September) so it is best to plan ahead and reserve in our calendar as soon as you have party date! 

I'd like to get in your calendar but don't know what I want yet; what should I do?

No worries! We understand that many party details don't fall into place until closer to the date. You can reserve your spot in our calendar with a non-refunable deposit of $50. Final details of the order will need to be made no later than 10 days prior to pick-up.

My child has a peanut allergy; are your cakes safe?

We definitely understand the precaution needed for food allergies. We do not use any peanut or tree nut ingredients unless specifically requested. However, we are not a Peanut / Treenut free facility, so items are cooked in the same kitchen and ovens as any items that include peanuts & tree nuts so we cannot guarantee the non-existence of cross contamination. Please notify us of the allergy when you place your order so we can take extra safety steps to avoid any cross contamination. 

I paid my deposit but an emergency has caused us to cancel our party; can I get a refund?

Unfortunately all deposits made are non-refundable. The deposit payment saves a space in our calendars and covers a small portion of the cost of ingredients & supplies needed for your order. However, we do understand unexpected circumstances sometimes arise out of our control. If an order is cancelled 10 days or more prior to the event, we will work with you to hold the deposit for an alternate date and order in the near future. 

What are my options for cake design?

Here at Crumby Art we thrive on creativity! Please bring your imagination and any requests you may have so we can create a delicious work of art! 

I have a really weird design/ theme in mind; do you think you can make it?

Absolutely! We do our best work with 'weird' or quirky ideas! We have yet to be surprised or stumped by a request so please, bring it on!

I have a photo of what I'd like, can you replicate it?

Within reason. We want our customers to understand that we are artists by trade, and it is completely blasphemous and shady to copy another artists' work and claim it as your own. Plus, we want you to have a delicious design unique to you and your celebration. We are happy to use your photos as inspiration to gage an idea of what you'd like, but we will add our own little twists into the design.

I'm super type A and I need you to copy this exact image with the 85 small exact details that I need, no creative spins, can you accommodate?

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you just want what you want and you totally deserve it! On the flip side, we work too hard on keeping the stress-free passion in our work that this just wouldn't be a good fit for either of us. As much as we'd love the opportunity to work with you, we are confident in saying that we work best with some creative freedom, and you may be happier working with another bakery.

Could you make the characters from our theme onto our cake?

Sure! We do not have an edible image printer, so we do not use any copyright images on our cakes. As artists, we fall under the Variant Law and can make almost any character within reason under our own depiction of it. All of our edible pieces are hand made, hand sculpted, and/or hand painted, designed in our own interpretation. 

Do you deliver?

We only offer delivery for weddings, 5+ tier cakes, and catered events.

Where can I view images of your work?

We do our best to post photos on our Facebook. But our best up-to-date gallery can be viewed on Instagram @crumby_art

You're so attractive; can I take you out for a meal? 

As much as we love food, everyone in this shop is either married, in a serious relationship, or has devoted their life to celibacy. But thanks.